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A complete guide to web vitals, lab and field data

By Dawntraoz Last updated on Wednesday, 9 February 2022

A complete guide to web vitals, lab and field data article featured image

In this article, for the Bejamas writers program, I talk about web performance, its importance, what kind of measures we can take and how to analyze them.

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Complete guide to understand and measure the performance of your website.

First, I talk about web performance in general and its evolution in 2022. And I explain, roughly speaking, the different types of Core Web Vitals (CWV) measures, relating the rest of the measures according to the CWV to which it is useful.

All this can be found in the sections:

Then, I talk about the types of data we can measure, the data we will collect and study while in development (lab data) and the data we will get while analysing our website in production (field data).

This part is divided into:

And finally I leave you a section with best practices to improve the performance of your website:

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